Hello collectors. Here is the list of MOCs/MIBs (Pics below)
from Masters of the Universe, M.A.S.K., Zoids,...
I realy would like to get my hands on.
Would be aweseome if could help me out!!!

Please contact me at: crazycollectors@gmx.net

Masters of the Universe:

Yellow Border He Man
Yellow Border Skeletor
Yellow Border Man E Faces (human mode)
Yellow Border Trap Jaw
Yellow Border Super Hordak
Yellow Border Hordak
Yellow Border Super Spikor
Yellow Border Spikor
Yellow Border Fakor
Yellow Border Moss Man
Yellow Border Sy-Klone
Yellow Border Prince Adam
Yellow Border Evil Lyn
EURO Man E faces
EURO Mekaneck
EURO B.A. He Man
EURO Faker
EURO Mer Man
EURO Two Bad (unpunched)

All MOCs with free cassette

German He Man/Skeletor 2 Pack
German Zauberrüstung He Man

US Skeletor/Screech Giftset
US B.A. Skeletor/Screech Giftset
US Teela/Zoar Giftset
US F.F. He Man/T.C. Skeletor Giftset
US He Man/Jet Sled
US He Man/Wind Raider
Canadian Hordak/Mantisaur
Horde 3 Pack

M.A.S.K. (only shrinkwrapped):

Euro Thunderhawk
Euro Manta
Euro Firecracker
Euro T-Bob
Euro Stinger
Euro Outlaw
Euro Razorback

ZOIDS (Tomy):

Mammoth The Destroyer
Giant ZRK
Red Scavenger
Krark Prince of Darkness
Shield Tiger